Hourly Driving Lessons

Hourly Driving Lessons are available from Paul Cannell Driving School

We offer the choice of hourly driving lessons alongside our intensive courses.

Pricing for 2021

  • A 1 hour lesson is £29.00
  • A 2 hour lesson is £58

and multiples thereof for longer lessons.


What you can expect from hourly driving lessons

The following is a guide to how a driving lesson with Paul Cannell Driving School is formatted… as always they are tweaked for the individual.

  • A brief recap of your previous lesson.
  • A plan of action for the current lesson and what you are to achieve.
  • Guided and prompted practice on current topic, for example, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings etc.
  • Practice on driving manoeuvres.
  • Drive home using a route that allows the learner to practice on today’s subject.
  • Lesson recap & planning and scheduling next lesson.

Get the Most out of Your Driving Lessons

To gain the most from your driving lessons and get best value for money, we recommend the following:

  • Book regular lessons. Students who can commit to a regular, frequent lessons (i.e. weekly) will progress quicker than those who book infrequent lessons.
  • Book two-hour lessons if you can, especially if you live out of town – you’ll be surprised at how quickly a one hour lesson will pass.
  • Be awake, alert and on-time! Avoid the pub the night before.

Intensive Courses and Pass Plus courses are available! Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Call me on 07963 816619 for details

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I do not take calls during lessons – when you book with me, you can be sure you will have my undivided attention! Please leave me a voicemail or a text, I will call you back at the earliest opportunity. Paul Cannell ADI