Intensive Courses

Intensive Driving Courses are available from Paul Cannell Driving School

Want or need to pass your driving test in a short space of time? Look no further! Call me on 07963 816619.

Do call me to discuss your requirements and we can tailor the course to suit you and your needs.

Please note: you must have passed your Theory Test and have your certificate number to hand before booking an Intensive Driving Course.

Some typical examples of intensive driving courses we can offer… (prices correct for February 2021)

  • BEGINNER’S 40 HOUR INTENSIVE DRIVING COURSE – £1222 test fee included 
    This is for the beginner with some knowledge of the car controls and a little driving experience.
  • 1 WEEK – 25 HOUR INTENSIVE DRIVING COURSE – £787 test fee included 
    Intended for pupils who have a good grasp of basic driving skills, this is to improve and polish your abilities up to a test standard.
  • 12 HOUR INTENSIVE DRIVING COURSE – £410 test fee included 
    For the learner who has recently failed their test, to correct the items they failed on.

These are some examples of what we can offer, if you require something ‘in between’ then please call us!

Not local to our area? Want to learn in the peace and quiet of Norfolk instead of the big city? We can arrange for you to stay at one of King’s Lynn’s guest houses for the duration of the course, please call for prices.

Call :  Mobile 07963 816619